Decoding Designer Denim

One of the best investments you can make during your pregnancy is designer denim. Designer denim is top of the line denim that will last throughout your entire pregnancy and the weeks following your pregnancy as your body is returning to normal. Designer denim also never goes out of style so investing in them during your first pregnancy pays off well for subsequent pregnancies - even if they are years apart. Very well worth the money!!

That being said, before you invest in them - it is important to know some basic facts about designer denim so that you are an educated buyer and get the perfect pair for your body type.

1. Not all designer denim is created equal. Some denim stretches more than others. Some denim is softer than others. They have different panels (as in some have over the belly panels, some have under belly panels and some have no panels). Be sure you try on all different styles to see what is most comfortable to you and offers the options you prefer.

2. Different brands fit in different ways. For example, Citizens of Humanity and Paige jeans are usually most flattering on a curvy body type. Also the bootcut fit tends to be more flattering for a curvy figure. Chip & Pepper Jeans are typically most flattering on straighter body types. A bootcut fit is also flattering on a straight figure, as is a slim leg fit.
We are finally seeing designer denim available in petite sizing. It has taken a long time, but they are beginning to produce petite sized maternity denim and that is a great thing for those of us not blessed in the height department! Again, try on all different styles to see which fit is perfect for your body type.

3. Sizing is everything! Designer denim is sized by waist size. But - again, not all denim is created equal, so you might be different sizes in different styles of jeans. It is important for your denim to fit snugly in the dressing room. This is because all denim stretches and if it is not snug in the dressing room, by the time you wear them a while and stretch them out naturally, your jeans will be loose and sagging and unflattering.

That being said, because you are pregnant, your body is growing, so it is important to buy with the idea that you are growing and want to be able to wear these jeans the entire length of your pregnancy. The basic rule of thumb is to buy up one size from your regular size for maternity denim.

Another thing to consider is where you would naturally gain weight. If you naturally gain weight in your hips and thighs, you definitely want to buy up one size to get the most wear out of your denim. If you normally do not gain in hips and thighs and tend to gain more in chest and upper body area, you may be safe to stick to your regular size. I gain in chest and stomach area and was able to stay in the same size denim for both pregnancies.

Trying on is, again, key to making the best decision. Allow The Swanky Stork staff to assist you. They are trained in helping you pick out the best denim, with the best fit for your body type.

4. Pick a wash that is most suitable to your style. Denim comes in "washes" which is another word for the color of the denim. Washes range from very light to very dark. A lighter wash is very trendy this season and works great for casual wear. A darker wash is classic and stylish and also works great for casual wear, but is also able to be dressed up for dressier evenings out, etc.

Know that designer denim is worth the investment and there is a perfect pair of designer denim out there for you no matter what your size or body type. We are happy to assist you in the process of selecting what is best for you and are trained on each denim style available at The Swanky Stork and will work to get that perfect fit for you. We have the largest selection of designer denim in the state!! Come in check it out!

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