National Commercial Campaign

As many of you know, a portion of the proceeds from The Swanky Stork goes to The Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation. This foundation was set up in memory of our mother, who lost her battle with breast cancer almost 15 years ago, and supports children who have lost a parent to cancer. We are those children, those silent victims of cancer, and it is our goal to give them a voice and to help them in any way possible. This foundation is our passion and is why we do what we do!

Recently, Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moment Campaign contacted us and asked us to share the foundation story. They came to Birmingham and filmed our story. We just found out that we have been chosen out of thousands to possibly have our story featured as one of Mutual of Omaha's national commercials for 2010. They have narrowed it down to 75 Aha Moments and have now opened voting to the public. The first round of voting goes from Oct. 1- 15 and the 75 will be narrowed down to 25. The second round of voting is Oct. 16 -30 and narrows it down to 10, which will be the stories featured for their national commercials for 2010. We would love for you to help by voting for us and sharing this with your friends. It is our desire to see this foundation grow beyond our wildest dreams and to be able to help as many families as are nominated for help! We know that the national exposure will not only honor our mother's legacy, but also open the door to help countless "silent victims" all over the U.S. and hopefully the world one day! You can vote here.

And if you know of children who have lost a parent to cancer and could use our help, we want to know about them! Tell us their story and ways you think we could help at info@firefliesandfairytales.com

We appreciate your help! Happy fall!!! Check out the latest new fall arrivals - TONS of GREAT things arriving daily from Michael Stars, Notice, Olian, Japanese Weekend, Fierce Mamas, Maternal America and more!!