Celebrity Maternity Style at The Swanky Stork

Hot celebrity mamas are popping up all over Hollywood these days. They always seem to look fabulous and the great news is - you can look just as fantastic as they do! Check out the article below from http://www.pregnancyandbaby.com/.

"What are some of the newest maternity style trends in Hollywood? Maternity style trends in Hollywood are easier to spot these days, with so many hot mamas getting pregnant. Overall, there has been a move away from showing your bare belly, but clothes certainly do still show the belly off with fitted tops and sexy styles. Jeans continue to be a big trend, with designer denim like Citizens of Humanity selling well. Pregnant stars are pairing jeans with the hottest trend right now, which is novelty tank tops and tees. These tops are printed on the front with fun sayings and prints such as "Due In January," from Samson Martin, printed with monthly due dates and "What's Kickin" ...from 2chix. Fun printed tank tops with graphics such as a bun in an oven have also been big hits.

Another trend is longer length tops, which are also called tunics. These tops are often embellished, and the longer length is flattering and cool. They are a bit roomier, but still sexy and form flattering. The good news is that a mom-to-be outside of Hollywood can look as good as a celebrity with so many new styles from which to choose!"

Here's the even better news - The Swanky Stork carries all the things mentioned as the "must haves" in this article! You can look EXACTLY like the celebrities and even better!

And here's a snippet from an article in http://www.splendicity.com/ - celebrity maternity style. "I’m noticing that these celebrity Hot Mamas To-Be have been keeping it casual and light with maxi dresses and comfy sandals. Perfect for any stage of pregnancy and ohhhh soooo comfortable. I remember how “free” I felt in maxi dresses while I was pregnant. No restricting pants with restricting waistlines. No fighting with zippers and buttons when you go to the ladies room to go “tinkle”, you feel me? I knowww my Mommies do!!!"

The Swanky Stork is LOADED with maxi dresses - from elegantly fashionable to fun and funky - we have the perfect maxi dress for your maternity style. Here are a few samples:

Be sure to stop by The Swanky Stork today to check out all the latest maternity styles from top designers. We promise to keep your baby bump looking fabulous!!

One last thing: Be sure to check out http://trolardimaging.blogspot.com/. These are our friends Ron & Megan Trollard and they do AMAZING pictures of newborns, babies, children, pregnancy photos, family photos and more! If you are thinking about remembering this special time of life through photos, be sure to check them out!
In fact, here is a picture of the newest member of The Swanky Stork family, Sellers Kathleen Hudson - taken by Ron & Megan Trollard - Trollard Imaging (http://www.trolards.com/):


She's Here!

Sellers Kathleen Hudson was born on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 6pm. She weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long! She's perfect!! We are so excited to welcome her into the world.

Also - be sure to check out our HUGE selection of Michael Stars! Beaters, dresses, henleys and more in amazing colors! Stop by today!!


We're on baby watch!!

We are anxiously waiting for the stork to deliver Sellers Kathleen Hudson, daughter of Matt & Mary Ann Hudson. Mary Ann is the middle of the three sisters and owners of The Swanky Stork and Fireflies & Fairytales. She went into labor last night about 11:00 and is still in labor today! We can't wait to meet this precious miracle!! Watch for pictures and information soon!

PS - be sure to check out all the fabulous new spring arrivals at The Swanky Stork. We are getting huge shipments in every day!!


Did you know...

The Swanky Stork supports a foundation - The Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation. You can mash here to read more about it. But - in a nutshell - we, my sisters and I, lost our Mom to cancer almost 14 years ago. Since that time, we've always wanted a way to honor her memory. She was a loving, caring, completely selfless and giving woman, who particularly had a heart for children. She was a kindergarten teacher, volunteer children's worker at our church, etc. She loved children and was extremely gifted at working with children. So, we thought - what better way to honor her memory and put into practice the values she instilled in us than to create a foundation in her memory that would benefit and support children.

My mom's story, and our story, is cancer. Cancer is a horrible disease that claims many lives and leaves behind often unforgotten and nameless victims - like the children of those who lost their battle with cancer. The Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation supports and benefits those children, the ones who have lost a parent to cancer. We are those children and know that pain and want to do our part to comfort, encourage and support those children and their families.

We are always taking nominations of families who need help and are grateful that we have been able to support 3 families to date. The Foundation is funded through a portion of the proceeds from sales at The Swanky Stork and Fireflies & Fairytales, our children's boutique, and through sales of Fireflies & Fairytales Originals. If you would like to nominate a family, please email info@firefliesandfairytales.com.

Here is an article in Alabama Baby about the Foundation and another story from the Shelby County Reporter and one other story in the Birmingham News.

So - know that as you are growing your little miracle and shopping at The Swanky Stork - you are also helping to take care of someone else's little miracle(s) in the process. We are grateful for the opportunity to create and support this Foundation and pray that it grows into more than we could ever dream or imagine!

We love you and miss you, Mama!