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We recently did an interview with Birmingham Magazine about maternity fashion! See below for a basic Q&A on maternity style!!

From Birmingham Magazine
By Mary Ellen Stancill

Overalls and muumuus are a thing of the past for today’s moms-to-be. From high end lines like Juicy Couture to affordable fashions from H&M, it seems everyone finally gets it— there’s no reason for women to have to endure a nine month fashion disaster while they’re expecting.

Recently, we checked with the owners of The Swanky Stork—sisters Beth Montgomery, Mary Ann Hudson and Bryson Wilson—in Homewood for their advice on maternity chic.

Birmingham magazine: When should you start buying and wearing maternity clothes?
The Swanky Stork: Different people show at different times during pregnancy. Some people may not show until five or six months (especially if it is a first pregnancy). Other people show much sooner than that. The right time to buy and wear maternity clothes is when your regular clothing begins to feel uncomfortable or tight.

BM: What are current trends in maternity styles?
SS: Maternity fashion is the best it’s ever been and continues to get even better. Maternity styles and trends follow regular styles and trends. The Maxi Dress (floor length dress), made popular by Angelina Jolie, is definitely a must have right now. They are hot in both prints and solids and are available in almost every style imaginable—strapless, halter, Vneck, etc. Maxi dresses are comfortable, flattering on all body types and great for after the baby as well!
Floral prints are huge this season. We are seeing them on everything— dresses, skirts, tops, bathing suits, etc.

Color, color, color! Spring/summer fashion is all about color. Everything from solid colors to prints filled with amazing color, to accessories that add color to an outfit.

White is “white hot” and is now an all year round color. The old “no white after Labor Day” rules are gone! We have a huge selection of white designer denim, white Capri pants, white skirts, etc. White bottoms are a great buy and an excellent way to easily incorporate color into your wardrobe with a bright solid color top or colorful print top. Also, look for fun, flirty white dresses and use accessories to add pops of color to it.

Embellishments on clothing are another great trend right now. You will see everything from ruffles to bows to flowers on tops and dresses adding that extra bit of pizzazz that makes the outfit right on target stylewise.

BM: What would you recommend as essentials for your maternity wardrobe?
SS:The Bella Band is our recommended “first buy” for all moms-tobe. It is designed to fit around your regular pants, allowing you to leave your pants unbuttoned and wear them a little longer. It is an excellent buy and also works in reverse after the baby when your body is shrinking back to its original size.

Designer denim is definitely a “must have” of all maternity wardrobes. One of the biggest mistakes we hear people say they make is that they waited too long to buy designer denim or waited until a second pregnancy to buy them, only to realize how great they are and how much they wear them. … Not all designer denim is the same, so we suggest taking some time to try on different brands to get the perfect fit for your body. Denim can be worn with most any top and can be dressed up or down.

A good pair of black pants is also a great buy for a maternity wardrobe. They are another staple in your wardrobe that works with several tops and can be worn casually or dressed up for work or evenings out.

Dresses are definitely an essential for any maternity wardrobe. Most women will have a few baby showers and other special events to attend during her pregnancy, so finding a few dresses is necessary for those occasions. Dresses are also the most comfortable styles to wear during pregnancy and are available in styles that are sure to be flattering on all body types.

Leggings are a maternity essential because they are stylish and trendy, but also help to stretch maternity budget dollars. Tunics/dresses purchased early in pregnancy sometimes get a little short as the baby bump grows. Those tunics/dresses look just as cute with a great pair of leggings underneath, allowing you to continue wearing them throughout your entire pregnancy.

The Belly Bandit is our recommended “last buy” during pregnancy. Recommended by doctors and endorsed by people like Oprah and Rachel Ray, the Belly Bandit is proven to help you get your body back much quicker after pregnancy. It is a band that Velcros around the waist and uses compression methods to shrink the belly, allowing you to get back to that pre-baby body quickly!

BM: What are some chic shoe options for pregnant women?
SS: We do not carry shoes, however we highly recommend Shoe Fly boutique which is two doors down from The Swanky Stork. One of our most favorite shoe lines is Volatile. They have an excellent assortment of wedge flip flops in all different colors and styles. They are super comfy for pregnant women but still provide height and style!

BM: Are there fashion mistakes you should watch out for while pregnant?
SS: The biggest fashion mistake we see moms-to-be make is not embracing her pregnant body and working more to hide it. Pregnancy is an amazing miracle and a pregnant woman’s body is beautiful!
Maternity styles are fabulous today and we guarantee we have clothes for all body types that will enhance pregnancy and show the beauty of it. By trying to disguise and cover up her pregnant body, often times, a woman ends up looking like she’s wearing clothes that are too big or simply just don’t fit at all.

Visit The Swanky Stork at 2827 18th St. S. in Homewood, 803-2133 or theswankystork.com.

The sisters also own Fireflies & Fairytales, a children’s boutique. A portion of proceeds from both stores goes to the Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation, benefitting children who have lost a parent to cancer, in memory of their mother, Kathy Montgomery.

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