Annual Comfort & Joy Sale

During this holiday season, moms, we believe you should be comfortable (yet fabulously fashionable) while waiting on the arrival of your little bundle of joy and we want to help you do just that with our annual Comfort & Joy sale!!

THIS SATURDAY, Dec. 6th, The Swanky Stork will host our first annual Comfort & Joy sale and this is your invitation! Here are just a few details:

Paper Denim & Cloth Designer Maternity jeans will be reduced to 40% off
Buy ANY nursing bra and get a Bravado Original Nursing Bra absolutely free!!
All coats, cords & diaper bags (including Fleurville) will be 25% off!
Jewelry & Handbags reduced 30% (great way to spice up your maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank!)
New markdowns taken throughout the entire store!

This is one sale you DO NOT want to miss!! It's our ONE DAY (Saturday only sale). But - here's a little secret - for you moms who are avid readers of our blogs - we invite you to beat the crowds and shop early at our preview sale on Friday - just as our way of saying thanks!

Remember - the sale absolutely ends at 5:00 on Saturday. We hope to see you there!


Belly Bandit arriving this week!!

Ok moms - this is the thing you have been waiting on without even knowing it - TRUST ME! The Belly Bandit is arriving at The Swanky Stork this week! The Belly Bandit™ wrap is an
abdominal compression binder designed to help you get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth.

So you are probably thinking - yeah right! Well I was thinking the same thing too, so I called the company and asked around to get more information. Here's how it works. As you grow along in your pregnancy, your uterus grows to accommodate a growing child (or children for some of you) in your belly. After you give birth, your uterus is still large and does not shrink immediately (thus the reason you go home still looking pregnant and still wearing those really cute maternity clothes). Your body continues to have contractions to start the process of shrinking your uterus back down to it's normal size. Breastfeeding speeds up this process because breastfeeding causes those contractions - that's why you've always heard that breastfeeding helps you get your pre-pregnancy body back faster. Well The Belly Bandit also assists you in this process. The wrap compresses your stomach - aiding in the contraction process - thereby shrinking your uterus faster.

And, for all you moms who have C-Sections - the bamboo bandit is just for you. The fabric is perfect for moms recovering from C-Sections. The fabric allows your body to breathe and will not retain moisture. It also offers abdominal support which is very important in the healing process after a C-Section.

And, if you don't believe me - check this out: Rachel Ray is featuring the Belly Bandit on her show as a must have for all post delivery moms. Doctors order this product and use it on patients who have had tummy tucks to aid in the recovery process. And, Oprah's producers recently called the company to ask for a sample. The company anticipates The Belly Bandit's debut on Oprah very soon. So - all of that to say - we aren't the only ones who think this little wrap is a really great thing and a definite MUST HAVE for all moms who are ready to get that body back after baby!! Call The Swanky Stork today to reserve one for yourself or maybe Santa could bring one to an expecting mother!


Sale! Sale! Sale!

Be sure to take advantage of our Iron Bowl Specials going on this Friday & Saturday. Take 25% off anything red, orange or houndstooth at The Swanky Stork. Also, all football related clothing is drastically reduced at Fireflies & Fairytales! Don't miss these great opportunities to pick up the perfect outfit for you or your kiddos for the big game!

Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation in Alabama Baby

We are thrilled that The Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation is being featured this month's edition of Alabama Baby!! You can find these magazines in local boutiques and many other stores in the Birmingham area. We hope you'll check it out!


Hello! Welcome to The Swanky Stork blog. Pregnancy is such a beautiful and wonderful thing, but is also a time filled with lots of changes and lots of questions. The goal behind this blog is to help you navigate the crazy pregnancy days, while also having a bit of fun in the process!

A little background before we get going - The Swanky Stork is a maternity boutique located in downtown Homewood on 18th Street. We are next door to Mama Goldbergs (a.k.a. Mama G's) and across the street from Soca Clothing.
The Swanky Stork is owned by three sisters, Bryson, Mary Ann and Beth. I (Bryson) am the mother of two children, Kate and Cole. Mary Ann has a daughter on the way - due in February. We also own a children's boutique, Fireflies & Fairytales located in The Village at Lee Branch off Hwy 280 in the Greystone area. The stores support the Fireflies & Fairytales Foundation. This Foundation was established in memory of our mother, who died of breast cancer. The foundation benefits children who have lost a parent to cancer.

We believe that a great maternity store should not only have fabulous clothes, but also a knowledgeable staff to help answer questions "beyond the clothes". You will find this when you come in the store, but also hopefully will find this blog useful for that same purpose. So, welcome to The Swanky Stork blog! Check often as we will update regularly with new arrivals in the store that are absolute "must haves" for all you moms-to-be. We will also feature "wonder why Wednesdays" where we'll ask those "wonder why" questions that we all have. And we'll just discuss pregnancy in general - things like tips for establishing a fabulous pregnancy wardrobe without breaking your budget, how and when to buy nursing bras, how do I know where I'll gain weight, what do pregnancy sizes mean and how do they run - you get the picture.

Thanks for reading! Check back often and we hope to see you in the stores soon!