5 Trends for Spring

We just got back from market this weekend! The greatest thing about market is we are able to see the upcoming trends for the next season. We always want our moms -to -be to be up to date on the latest fashion trends - so here are the top 5 trends we are seeing for spring!

1. White, white, white! White is so hot right now - especially white denim. The greatest thing about white is it has become seasonless.

2. Bold, fun, funky prints! We are seeing fabulous prints everywhere! Watch for great prints in all styles - dresses, shirts, shorts (yes - even shorts - we have an AMAZING pair of printed shorts coming in this month from Maternal America!). Gone are the days of boring, plain maternity clothes. You can find fabulous prints in great colors that express your style perfectly. Pair those great printed tops with the stylish white jeans and you are a perfect ten for spring style! Also, watch for maxi dresses (floor length) to be available in a variety of great prints this season.

3. Diaper bags that express your sense of style! Diaper bags are no longer just boring bags that serve a purpose. Diaper bags are now a hot accessory that defines your sense of style - but also serves a purpose! One of our favorites is Petunia Pickle Bottom. These diaper bags - yes, they really are diaper bags - look like handbags that are to die for! The thing is - they look like an amazing handbag, but have all the functions of a diaper bag. This line is red hot and we LOVE it! (Petunia Pickle Bottom is currently available only at Fireflies & Fairytales - our baby store - in The Village at Lee Branch, but will be arriving at The Swanky Stork very soon!!) Also check out Fleurville - another one of our favorites. Chic and practical! Find a diaper bag that expresses who you are and compliments your sense of style and your fabulous wardrobe!

4. Color! It almost seems like a contradiction because we talked about how hot white is right now. Well - color is also hot. Look for cropped pants this season in a variety of fabulous colors. These pair really well with those fun prints you'll also see this season. For example - one of our favorites is the Maternal America navy and white striped shirt paired with a great pair of navy or yellow cropped pants (watch for the pants to be coming very soon!). This is a comfortable outfit that hits the mark for spring style!

5. Activewear and Swimsuits! Now, more than ever, America is working hard to stay fit. Fit doesn't mean a certain size or shape - it is simply being comfortable in your own skin and working to keep your body as healthy as possible. That even includes mommies! And one of the hottest trends right now - especially in celebrity world - is looking good while you are working on keeping your body fit and healthy. Anytime is a great time to exercise - especially during pregnancy. Even if it's just walking around the block and getting out to enjoy the outdoors. And don't worry - we have just what you need to keep you looking chic in the process.

OK - so I know you are thinking - the exercise thing I might can do, but why in the world do I want to put a swimsuit on and expose my ever growing belly. Because - for one thing - you always need a great swimsuit in spring and summer - that's a given - and we have some absolutely amazing ones. But also, your ever growing belly really is beautiful - it's an amazing gift and accentuating that with the perfect swimsuit is perfectly alright! Swimsuits are one of the hottest items introduced each spring and we have one that will perfectly fit your sense of style and body shape!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you are your best style icon. The "old fashion" fashion rules are long gone. You can stay perfectly in style, while reflecting your own sense of style. When shopping for your stylish new spring maternity wardrobe - have fun! Enjoy it! And use it as an opportunity to reflect the inner beauty going on inside your body, specifically, your belly - you are growing a person! That's amazing and incredibly beautiful!!

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