Belly Bandit arriving this week!!

Ok moms - this is the thing you have been waiting on without even knowing it - TRUST ME! The Belly Bandit is arriving at The Swanky Stork this week! The Belly Bandit™ wrap is an
abdominal compression binder designed to help you get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth.

So you are probably thinking - yeah right! Well I was thinking the same thing too, so I called the company and asked around to get more information. Here's how it works. As you grow along in your pregnancy, your uterus grows to accommodate a growing child (or children for some of you) in your belly. After you give birth, your uterus is still large and does not shrink immediately (thus the reason you go home still looking pregnant and still wearing those really cute maternity clothes). Your body continues to have contractions to start the process of shrinking your uterus back down to it's normal size. Breastfeeding speeds up this process because breastfeeding causes those contractions - that's why you've always heard that breastfeeding helps you get your pre-pregnancy body back faster. Well The Belly Bandit also assists you in this process. The wrap compresses your stomach - aiding in the contraction process - thereby shrinking your uterus faster.

And, for all you moms who have C-Sections - the bamboo bandit is just for you. The fabric is perfect for moms recovering from C-Sections. The fabric allows your body to breathe and will not retain moisture. It also offers abdominal support which is very important in the healing process after a C-Section.

And, if you don't believe me - check this out: Rachel Ray is featuring the Belly Bandit on her show as a must have for all post delivery moms. Doctors order this product and use it on patients who have had tummy tucks to aid in the recovery process. And, Oprah's producers recently called the company to ask for a sample. The company anticipates The Belly Bandit's debut on Oprah very soon. So - all of that to say - we aren't the only ones who think this little wrap is a really great thing and a definite MUST HAVE for all moms who are ready to get that body back after baby!! Call The Swanky Stork today to reserve one for yourself or maybe Santa could bring one to an expecting mother!

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